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Once again Google is testing the Purple ad label in the local and Map ads?

Google is testing the purple ad label

Do you get to see ads when you perform searches on Google? Let me tell you guys that in every second, almost 2.3 million searchers are performed on Google and the majority of pages include Google Ads. The ads you see might be in different colours such as blue, green, yellow, and violet. There is […]

Google Ads has introduced new Target ROAS Bid Simulator!

Gogle ads Bid Simulator

As an advertiser how do you get to know how much money you’re making from your ad spent or ROAS (return on ad spent)? Advertising campaigns sometimes become unmanageable if right strategy is not used or implemented properly. Advertisers use various tools to check their campaign performance one such tool is Google Ads. Google ads […]

What Google announces about Featured Snippet update?

Featured Snippet update

Every year Google makes about 32,00 changes. Yes folks! It means Google makes several changes every day. If you keep yourself updated by reading my articles then last month (January) Google announced the latest Core Algorithm Update, and one week after this update, Google announced another update for ‘featured snippets and organic listing’. This update […]

Google will restrict advertising companies from connecting their browser cookies to the website they do not operate.

Google will restrict advertising companies

Nowadays, it’s very common for advertisers or hackers to track user’s data and information. Some of them use the information for genuine purpose but it’s not a hidden fact that hackers do misuse data and information for their own purpose or benefit. That’s why growing demand from users to protect their privacy on the data-driven […]

“Froogle” is back, do you know what it is!

Froogle" is back

If you remember then back in December 2002, Google launched a shopping search engine named as “Froogle,” an amalgamation of ‘frugal’ and ‘Google.’ Froogle was Google’s free product shopping search engine in early 2000s. It was a great platform for marketers where they could advertise their brand products for free and which allows users to […]

How To Increase Website Traffic: Step By Step Guide For Growth.

Increase Website Traffic

In the highly competitive world of digital marketing, marketers spend a lot of money trying to launch their website through a strong advertising campaign. Creating a website is something that gives marketers a boost in their marketing business. This is the reason why marketers build a website for their business. However, building a website is […]

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