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What are the best e-commerce marketing tools?

Marketing Tools for e-commerce

Online marketing has become the biggest trend in today’s era. Every business or marketer has shifted his focus from traditional marketing to online marketing i.e. E-Commerce marketing. E-commerce marketing is the modern marketing method that is used by websites and businesses to sell their products electronically. It is a very effective method of buying and […]

Ways to attract people to your website with Geolocation!

website with GeoLocation

Physical location or geography plays an important role in targeting audience or potential customers towards marketing campaigns. Nowadays, marketers try many ways to attract customers to the exact place they live in. For this, they use Geolocation as a powerful marketing tool which is being popular day-by-day. With the growing technology, the rise of mobile […]

What are the digital marketing strategies for fashion brands?

digital marketing strategies for fashion brands

Are you a fashion marketer? Yes, then you must know that every fashion brand needs a good marketing strategy to stay ahead in the competition. As we all know that there are various fashion brands out there, but how do you distinguish yourself from others? This is the real challenge. An effective digital marketing strategy […]

2020 resolution to make digital marketing safe and secure.

New Year 2020 is just around the corner. A lot of people make promises and resolutions to achieve a particular goal in their life. Not only folks but also businesses or marketers make resolutions to achieve a concrete goal of the organization. If I talk about digital marketers then this year many marketers were concerned […]

What are the risks of Influencer Marketing?

risks of Influencer Marketing

Many times I have talked about Influencer Marketing in my previous blog posts. Have you ever thought why there is so much emphasis on influencers? Yes, you’re right. Influencers have done wonders for many brands and companies. Basically, they promote a brand and carry the name high that’s why influencer marketing has become one of […]

How to deal with negative comments on social media?

negative comments on social media

The most engaging platform at present is none other than social media. Agree with me? It is a unique public environment that has its own culture and expectations. Not only it helps people express their views and thoughts but it also becomes a platform of opportunity for marketers and brands to promote their products at […]

How to use the ‘Acobot Virtual Shop Assistant app’ to boost sales?

‘Acobot Virtual Shop Assistant app’ to boost sales

The competition among marketers has tremendously increased. No matter whether they’re online marketers or offline, all of them use different tactics to boost their sales in the market. If I talk about offline marketers then they use traditional methods to boost their sales such as advertisements via television, pamphlets, radio, etc. whereas online marketers use […]

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