Now Some Online Pharmacies can advertise on Google Ads.

Google Ads

Online advertising is a boon for every marketing company. Digital marketers have benefitted a lot from Google Ads. It helps marketers to attract a large number of audiences online and convert them into potential customers. However, there are some ad policies based on which only selected businesses are allowed to advertise. Earlier, pharmacies or drug companies weren’t able to advertise on Google ads. Now the good news is that these pharmacies can advertise on Google Ads. Interesting right!

If you’re a part of the pharmacy, then you must know the guidelines issued by Google to advertise on Google ads. Let’s first read Google’s update on Google ads.

Google allowed online pharmacies to advertise on Google Ads

In the month of April, Google updated its Google ads policy. The new ad policy is allowing pharmacy services to advertise in Google Ads. This is good news for online pharmacies that want to increase their clients via online advertisements. This is a great opportunity for you to generate quality traffic and leads to your site.

Here is the post of Google about Google Ads. Google wrote, “Google updated the US and Canada country-specifics of the Healthcare and medicines policy to allow certified telemedicine providers to promote online pharmacy services. As a result, LegitScript certified telemedicine providers may apply for healthcare-related advertising effective immediately.”

Google demands online pharmacies for accreditition

Although Google allowed online pharmacies to advertise on Google Ad now, a particular accreditation Google demands these pharmacies. Read what the accreditation Google demands are. There are two options for companies to follow either of them.

1. LegitScript Healthcare Merchant Certification and monitoring Program

This program has two certifications that are:

  • Internet pharmacy certification: This certification is only available to website that accepts refills, transfers, or new prescriptions. Furthermore, pharmacies that fill via mail-order or some other form of remote ordering services.
  • Telemedicine certification: This is available to those websites that offer virtual healthcare services and facilitate prescribing.
2. National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP)

Here also you have two programs available. These are:

  • VIPPS: This program is available to those pharmacies that are fully functioning online. It includes sales, prescription of drugs, or the acceptance of new prescription drug orders through their websites.
  • Pharmacy Verified Websites Program: Here websites having top-level domains are available to pharmacies with full or limited online functionality. It includes sales of prescription of drugs, services, acceptance of new prescription drug orders through their website, and prescription refills or transfers.

Why should you go with LegitScript certification?

LegitScript is the best way that fully ensures and allows you to participate in online advertising, e-commerce, and payment processing programs. LegitScript is an industry-recognized certifier that makes certification mandatory for pharmacy merchants such as Visa or credit card networks.

Therefore, without certification from a recognized entity like LegitScript, many banks, advertising programs, social media platforms, and e-commerce websites will terminate your account.

Furthermore, LegitScript Healthcare Merchant Certification ensures that companies selling medicines, telemedicine services, pharmaceuticals, and other products are working with rules and regulations. Many of the world’s leading companies require or recognize LegitScript Certification.

Reasons to go with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP)

NABP was founded in 1904. The aim of this association is to ensure the public’s health and safety through its pharmacist license transfer and pharmacist competence assessment programs. Furthermore, NABP’s member boards of pharmacy are divided into eight districts that include all 50 United States. The Districts are the Districts of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Bahamans, and all 10 Canadian provinces.

The final words! 

Guys, this is good news for every medical firms or pharmacy to advertise their products and services online. This is a great option for every pharmacy to enhance their website and generate traffic. Now Google allowed pharmacies to advertise on Google ads and attract customers to their site. You just need to abide by Google certification programs.

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