What Are Lead Magnets & How You Can Use It in Digital Marketing?

Are you into digital marketing? If yes, I assume you would definitely have a website, right. Tell me are you able to generate enough number of subscribers to your site? Is your site getting enough traffic? I know guys generating subscribers to the site is quite herculean task because no one will subscribe to the channel unless and until they find it relevant and informative. And this is exactly what we do. Certainly, this becomes a problem for marketers and web operators. What should you do to increase the list of your subscribers? Do you have any tactic which you can use to grow the list of subscribers? If not, then you should know about lead magnets and how you can use it in digital marketing.

Lead Magnets

This article is a brief guide for you to understand the overall concept of lead magnet. If you want to your grow email list then stick to this article and read the till the end.

Let’s start with the basics first.

What exactly the concept of lead magnets is?

As the word suggests, lead magnet is basically an incentive that catches the attention of your potential buyers by asking them to share their email address and contact information in exchange of downloadable content like eBooks, free PDF, report, checklist, video, whitepaper, case studies, resource lists, etc. Let me tell you that most strategic digital marketers and mafia bosses know how to utilize lead magnet to make an engaging offer to their customers.

Look at some of the features of lead magnet enlisted below:

  • Best for offering a unique and specific solution to the audience
  • Deliver information immediately through email automation
  • Very easy to use and implement
  • Attracts a specific group of people
  • More actionable and easy to digest.

Want to know how you can use lead magnet for your website? If yes, let’s dig deeper.

Some effective ways you can follow to use lead magnets in digital marketing

Following given points will tell you why you should use lead magnet and which one is more relevant for your business. Have a look below-

# Coupons and Discount codes

This is the most eye-catching idea to attract the attention of your customers. There is no one who doesn’t love great and money saving deals, right. In fact, many people shop around online before making a purchase. As a business, if you want people to provide you email address and contact information then you must use this lead magnet tactic to see increased number of subscribers.

# Conducting webinars

Another powerful form of lead magnet is webinar. If you’re 100% sure that your audience can sit through your webinar for 2-3 hours or more than that then conducting webinar would be good option for you. At the end of webinar, you will have plenty of highly qualified leads.

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# Training videos

Today, people seek information from wherever they can possibly get. So as a business if you’re into publishing and education market, you can potentially offer training videos for free that would be a great way to start a relationship with your audience. Well, you can offer free videos and premium videos as per your requirements.

# eBooks

Next lead magnet tactic you can use is eBooks. If you write good eBooks then you will surely get more subscribers to your site. eBooks are very useful for every device whether you use mobile, desktop, laptop, or tablet, eBooks can play their role to fetch you more users and help you build a powerful subscriber list.

# Free software

Software is the need of every web developer, web operator, SEO, digital marketer. As a business, you can offer free software to your audience in exchange for their contact information. This is the most effective and useful tactic that will grow your subscribers list in less time.

# Quizzes

Let’s see what LeadQuizees says – the average quiz has a 31.6% lead capture rate, which is considered very high in the marketing industry. In fact, there are lot of marketers who are witnessing a lot of positive results from running quizzes as a form of lead magnet in present times.

Final overview  

Now it is easy to say that a lead magnet is a significant way for businesses to acquire valuable marketing information from their audience and potential customers. Well, this is more like an exchange offer where you ask your audience to provide their contact info and email address in lieu of something valuable. So have already that there are various types of lead magnet available, you can choose the one as per your business and increase the list of your subscribers. You can also read our work and connect with us.

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