How ‘FullStory’ conversion optimization tool is best?

conversion optimization tool

If you operate a website that means you will need a great amount of traffic, good ranking, site visitors, lead conversion, and much more to your site. Right! Well, achieving all these things is not a cup of tea, a lot of effort, time, and money is required to invest in it so you get the desired results. Ok, let me ask you –if your site only has traffic but no conversion rate, so do you find it worthy? Of course no guys, because having huge traffic to site with no conversion rates at all doesn’t make the site worth operating anymore. So what will you do in this case? Yes, you’re right conversion optimization tools. There are plenty of tools available in the market which one is worthy how will you decide?

Wait, guys! No need to stress yourself anymore because this blog will talk about the “Fullstory” conversion optimization tool particularly. If you’re not aware of this tool then you’re at the right place. Keep reading guys.

What exactly “Fullstory” conversion optimization tool is?

As the article says, Fullstory is a website conversion optimization tool which is a good solution for companies and marketers who want to see how specific audiences are using their site. Furthermore, this is a great platform that offers heatmaps and reporting that help you show how users are engaging with your site. Here reporting shows your history of your visitors when they last visited your site and left web pages.

Let’s read some of the best features of Fullstory tool below

– Analyze

Fullstory is a great tool to analyze the overall performance of your website. Apart from this, it has some specific things to analyze such as data visualizations, user trends, and heatmaps, track unique URLs, slowest pages, each action, etc. Furthermore, it also analyzes dead clicks, rage clicks, error clicks, thrashing mouse, etc.

– Record

It offers you insights recorded on your site such as every page, every click, every mouse movement, and making certain elements to be recorded only after obtaining consent.

– Collaborate

This tool helps you manage and allocate your sessions, share segments across teams, generate a link to a session to share in email, or anywhere.

– Detect signals

It detects customer frustrations which suggest that users are experiencing errors so you can view sessions and see things have gone wrong.

– Search

Fullstory’s search engine recognizes filter names, URLs, button text, and much more. It helps you provide suggestions to complete a search.

– Fix bugs

It offers you a log of JavaScript errors along with sessions to simplify finding and fixing bugs. With this feature, you can debug error and fix page speed issues.

How Fullstory tool works?

The working process of Fullstory is simple. Read here how it works. The Fullstory works by seizing all your page views, mouse movements, and the clicks that visitors make on your website. If you want to capture your customers’ engagement then you have to install its JavaScript snippet on all the pages of your site. Here the data will collect automatically (a part of its feature) but let me tell you that the collected data will not tell you about your visitors or their plan details or signup date, etc. With the help of segment integration for FullStory, you can associate specific visitors’ sessions with known users or customers and share relevant details such as plan, user ID, signup date, lifetime value, and much more.

Final words!

After reading the complete analysis of this conversion optimization tool, I’m sure you are able to get every bit of information about it. Fullstory is a much-advanced tool as compared to other tools of conversion optimization. It leads to major markets such as the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. You have also seen its great features which make it pretty consistent.

My purpose for writing this article is just to let every webmaster know that Fullstory is the best conversion optimization tool for 2020. For more informative articles get in touch with us, till then keep reading.