How can I check my site or article is indexed by Google or not?

site or article is indexed by Google or not

Every website owner or webmaster or SEO expert wants to make sure that whether Google has indexed its site/blog articles or not as it will help them in getting organic traffic for their site. Indexing site, articles, and pages on Google is very significant for every website operator as this is what decides the rank of their website in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) On Google.

And now you would be thinking what happens when Google doesn’t index your website or articles? Right! Let me tell you.

If Google doesn’t index your website or articles, then there are fewer chances of you appearing on Google. Your site will be invisible, you won’t show up on search queries and thereby you won’t get any organic traffic whatsoever.

So let’s move ahead and check the status of your website whether it has indexed by Google or not.

Ways to check your site or content are indexed or not.

Although it might be challenging for you to check the status of your website or articles whether they get indexed by Google or not yet you can use advanced bulk Google index checker tool offered by Search Engine at free of cost.

It might take a lot of time to check each and every URL whether it is indexed or not. That’s why Google URL to index checker tool allows you to check for up to 5 URLs at a time to notify you whether your website is indexed or not.

To use this tool, you need to follow a few steps that are required. These steps are:

  • First of all, go to the Google index checker tool
  • Enter the 5 URLs (that you wish to check first)
  • Now click on the “search” button and enter the captcha as it appears on the screen
  • Once you’re done with the above steps, rest work will be done by Google index checker tool. It will dig out all the information from Google about your website.
  • At last, you’re ready to see the results of all your entered URLs. You will see URL, Index URL (pages), and its status whether it got indexed or not.

By following the above steps you can see the status of your website and its pages whether they are indexed by Google or not.

Furthermore, you can also check how many pages have been indexed on your website by Google in Google’s search console’s “Index Coverage Status Report”.

If you get to see any mistake or error or a large number of pages outside of the index then it means:

  • Your URLs are non-indexable in your sitemaps (these URLs might be blocked via robot.txt or require user login)
  • Your site might contain a large number of “low qualities” or duplicate pages that Google considers them unworthy.
  •  Your site may lack the “authority” to justify all the pages on your website.

Final Thoughts!

Knowing the current status of your website is very important for you to get a higher rank in the search engine result page of Google. Google index checker tool will help you to know about your website pages or articles indexed status. It doesn’t matter whether your site contains just a few pages or a large number of pages.

If those pages are indexed by Google, your site will be visible otherwise not. So make sure you follow the above-mentioned steps to know whether your site, pages or articles are indexed by Google or not.

Till then get in touch with us and Happy Checking!!!