How automation is changing the face of brands?

Automation Technology

Automation is process of making the brands less relied on human efforts and more prone to innovative technologies. Which is not only making the interaction between brand and customer engagement but it also increases the unemployment ratio.  Especially in emerging economies like India, China, Brazil and so many other nations are mostly affected by it.

For example: Currently Wal-Mart is using ‘Nova Robots’ to automate the inventory monitoring. it might be possible that it perform only at prototype stages few tasks. Checking out cashier or cleaning still performed by human labor but as this system become advanced, jobs of cleaning labor or helper will decline gradually.

Many of you agreed that automation is bad. May be very soon for the countries like India completely get affected by it. Now I will give you the perspective of developing nations. Due to the advancement in technology major new technologies development takes place around the world in form of,

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Custom APIs
  • IOT/smart objects
  • Voice agents
  • Offline tracking
  • Automated marketed platforms Etc.

Not only unemployment it also gave birth some opportunities of employment.

Automation has given push to integration of all these technologies. In retailing industry or marketing sector which has open the door of new types of employment opportunities.  

The demand of engineers, technicians etc. is  rising in the market. We all know that each technological advancement is closing some employment and jobs. But at the same time it also giving rise to new jobs and employment opportunities.

For example: I don’t know about other developing countries but as far as in India Robotics are not included as subject at school level. Apart from that countries like Japan, U.S.A etc. it has already been included as a subject. These countries know very well that this will provide more jobs and opportunity.

Robot is designed and developed in various forms and categories such as Humanoid, parallel, Industrial, military, education, research etc. on each and every sector robot is going to work in coming times.

Since the developed countries have more resources and fewer workforces so the idea of automation or technology of automation is a boon for them. It will revolutionize their economy.  We can say that Automation will not only going to change the face of brand but it will also transform it. Their impact will be long lasting.

Final Word

By understanding two different perspectives we can say that technology is like a nature whose impact cannot be controlled. If any technological development takes place sooner or later every nation has to adopt it. As far as matter of jobs or employment opportunities, interaction with customers etc. these things are concerned every nation has to deal with it in their own way. Automation technology is already started impacting the world. Brands all over the globe should start making preparations that how they are going to utilize it by understanding their customer demands and other factors.  In simple words smooth transition between automation and brands needs to be setup.