Google should pause Algorithm updates during Corona Outbreak, What you think?

Google Algorithm updates during Corona Outbreak

The sad reality of today is that COVID-19 (Coronavirus) wreaking havoc in the entire world. Not only people are being affected by it but also digital world like marketers, marketing conferences, Google algorithm updates, etc. If we look at my previous articles on Coronavirus then I talked about how digital marketing got badly affected and how conferences got postponed due to Coronavirus outbreak. Well, this time is nothing like that as Google is now in dilemma to pause its algorithm updates due to this unbearable virus “Corona.”

We know that every year Google makes several updates in its algorithm and this year also it is going to do so but the obstacle is Coronavirus. So let’s read what Google will do whether it will update or not.

Should Google really pause its algorithm updates?

Well, this is a very critical question to ask because search engine always updates by itself like adding new contents, new links, new signals, etc. That’s why there is no straight answer to this question because Google search results are always in a state of flux. But this update is something big where Google pushes something new.

In addition, on Twitter, recently a person created a poll asking people should Google stop pushing out search algorithm updates during the COVID-19 outbreak. So the results were 58% people said ‘Yes’ and 42% people said ‘No.’ Thereby, it’s clear that 60% of SEOs prefer that Google should pause algorithm updates during COVID-19 outbreak. 

Google Algorithm Updates during Coronavirus outbreak      

Though it’s already clear to you that more than half people are in favor of pushing algorithm updates yet Google is continue to do its algorithm updates. Why is it so? Google continue wants to make improvements as it has decided to make the page speed algorithm more granular rather than being super slow.

Keeping this situation in mind, Google’s John Mueller recently said on Twitter that he feels Google should continue to try to improve the search results even during the coronavirus outbreak. Further, he added, “There are lots of great sites that deserve to be shown where relevant if we can,”

Furthermore, someone at the webmaster world said, “Do people agree it would be heartless if Google pulled out another major update at this time? People are already enough on edge with the whole CV crisis.”

Google’s Chrome updates also paused due to Coronavirus

It is important to keep you updated with the pandemic disease which is prevalent in the world right now. Above I told you why Google stopped its algorithm updates. However, it’s not only limited to algorithm updates because Chrome update is also get affected due to this. You wanna know? Read below.

Recently, Google confirmed that it will delay in its chrome web browser updates due to novel Coronavirus pandemic. Chrome team in a blog post said, “Due to adjusted work schedules at this time, we are pausing upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS releases,” Google will continue to offer security updates to the current Chrome, version 80, further added company.

Therefore, these announcements of Google show that even the people who deal solely with computers for a living will also get affected by Coronavirus. It is because closed schools, telecommunicating and other factors are affecting people whose jobs are already mostly virtual.

The final words!

Guys, I know Coronavirus has left the entire world in ruckus but we should not get panic and try to keep things as normal as possible. We can see the effects of it on people as well as in the digital world. Coming back to Google and its algorithm updates it has already said that it will continue to improve the search engine ranking and results even during the Coronavirus outbreak.

So SEOs and webmasters no need to get fret as Google will not let Coronavirus affect its search results and any of the updates. You also can share your views regarding Google algorithm updates. For more informative articles get in touch with us, till then keep reading?