Google needs textual content to better understand.

Google needs textual content

Whenever you have any questions or doubts related to anything, how do you solve it then? You simply ‘Google’ your question and solve whatever doubt you had, right! So here, Google plays the role of your ‘wizard.’ But where does Google go to solve its own problem when not able to understand your content on your site? What the heck am I talking about? Google is a modern tech omniscient (after God) and knows everything. This is what you’re thinking? Well, you’re right but it’s also true that sometimes Google too feels difficult to understand the content you post on your site.

Do you know what content Google finds difficult to read or examine? And what content Google wants from site operators? Is there anything called “Google contents”? I know all these questions are hovering in your head. Wanna know the answer to these questions? Ok, then keep reading as this article is going to be very detailed for you.

What type of content Google finds difficult to understand?

Let me tell you very clearly that Google won’t be able to understand your audio, video, or images contents if they aren’t posted with text content. Understand this is what happened last month in December, a user asked on Reddit that how will Google treat the audio website if it lacks textual content. So Google’s John Muller replied by saying, “Google needs textual content regardless of the content type you are using. That means, if you are using an audio or video content you still need to add titles, headings, text, links, etc.”

Why Google finds it difficult to understand audio, video, or image contents? It is because audio or video site without having textual contents will result in confusing search giant Google in understanding the web pages’ contents. Thereby, it will be hard for Google to examine what exactly your pages are about.

Google wants ‘textual contents’ on-site page for better understanding.

As John Muller said, Google will always need textual content on-page to grasp the meaning behind your content. In short, you can say that Google needs ‘text’ to better understand what your audio, video, or image file is all about. Though Google is omniscient for you it too can’t just understand your contents (audio or video) without having proper text script.

Additionally, “If you’re a video-hosting site, you still need things like titles, headings, text, links, etc. The same goes for audio-hosting sites. Make it easy for search engines to understand your content & how it’s relevant to users, and they’ll be able to send you relevant traffic. If you make it hard for search engines to figure out what your pages are about, it would be normal for them to struggle to figure out how your site is relevant for users.” John Muller added further.

That’s why it’s very important if you produce well-structured content as it helps Google to rank high on your site. So the better you write, the easier it becomes for Google to understand your content.

How to produce well-structured textual content? Read below

Google only understands the contents which are well-written and well-structured. That’s why I’m going to share some tips for you on how you to improve the structure of your textual content and make it easy for Google to understand it. Pay attention to the following points:

– First Paragraph of your content

If you’re posting any audio, video or image content then make sure you clearly formulate what your post is all about only in the first paragraph. Write it in a way so that it can convey the main message of your post to both visitors as well as search giant Google. Don’t forget to put your focus keywords in the paragraph.

– Headings

Headings are what catches the attention of readers as well as Google. If your headings are attractive, eye-catching, and clearly states the content then it is no doubt well-structured textual content. I tell you why headings are helpful. Google basically scans your content headings and then examine whether it will like to read your text or not. The same goes for readers also. Headings become a ranking factor here and enable Google to determine what the text is about. So use focus keywords in your headings.

– Essential sentences

Always make sure that the very first sentence of a paragraph is the most focused, important, and core sentence of that paragraph. It’s a fact that people tend to read the very first sentence of every paragraph and scan the content. The same case is with Google, Google also pays extra attention to these sentences so that it can determine the topic of the text. Core sentences are a great place to add focus keywords.

The bottom line!

Guys, in this final note, I just want to say that text structure is very important for your blog. It not only helps readers but also Google as it is the ultimate form of giving your site a high rank. Also, keep in mind that well-structure and well-written texts are not easy but can be produced if you implement or follow the points which I shared above with you.

Posting your audio or video content without adding the title, headings, or links is like wasting your time. You can help Google by giving it text. For more interesting articles get in touch with us, till then keep reading.