Google My Business shows the service listing over the main dealership listing.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a great site to engage and connect with customers for free. As a marketer, you can easily get your business listed on Google My Business listing and your free business profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps. You will see many businesses have listed on Google My Business just to have a good interaction with their customers. But only specific business can enlist their business on Google My Business list. Let me tell you that in the month of March this year, Google added a feature to allowing car dealerships to have multiple Google My Business listings within Google Local and Google Maps.

But according to the recent news, a new bug has been found which is causing problems for these dealerships. So let’s dig in to know about this bug.

Google is trying to fix the bug which is causing problem to dealerships

Yes, recently, it is found out that for some dealerships, the service listing is showing above the main dealership listing which is causing great problems for these dealerships. This is becoming a problem for those dealers who have car businesses listed on Google My Business account. However, Google is trying to fix up the issue and enhancing users experience on Google My Business listing.

One example of the issue by Greg Gifford. He searched for ‘apple ford Columbia MD’ which shows the service listing over the main dealership listing.

Danny Sullivan of Google said, he is aware of these issues and Google ‘recently made an improvement that we thought largely resolved these types of cases.’ It means he will look up into this report and will examine if they can do things better.

Google My Business policy for car dealerships

Google had already updated its help documents to allow a car dealership to have multiple Google My Business account. And Google’s new policy allows a single car dealership to have a listing for each brand it sells, plus a listing for each brand’s sales, parts, or services department.

Therefore, every car dealer can make multiple listing for their account to appear on Google My Business. How it will work for dealers? The only way this can work is Google will label your Google My Business listing as a dealership and that would not unlock this feature.

Google wrote in the document, “New car dealerships are eligible for multiple listings. You can have one listing for your dealership and one listing for each brand you sell of new cars. And for additional help people can contact customer support.”

How much the automotive industry is impacted due to this bug problem?

It is no hidden fact that whenever people experience bug problems in any software, mobile app, algorithm, or Google My Business, it creates many problems for them. This time also a bug founded in a car dealership in Google My Business listing is negatively impacting people which Google is fixing now.

As per the study, it is found out that thousands of GMB accounts and 60% of car dealers experienced a decrease in GMB performance. On average, the impact on the business looks like:

  • Search impression: 32% from the last week
  • Phone calls: 35% from the last week
  • Map impressions: 130% from the last week
  • Website clicks: 33% from the last week
  • Request directions: 38% from the last week.

Final words

This is not the first time which you and I are experiencing. It is an ongoing issue and will be found everywhere in the digital world. In Google My Business listing, this is also not the first bug problem that is occurring. Many bug problems have been there and I have written articles on that. If you are facing a big issue in your dealership listing then wait for Google to fix it. And don’t take any additional step to handle it on your own.

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