Follow your leads with email re-targeting

email re-targeting

Increasing sales lead is neither a tough nor an easy task. It is only about implementing the right strategy to get potential customers. If you know then a lot of potential customers make short visits then disappear forever. So, how to get those lost customers back? What else you can do to win more customers if you’re running an eCommerce store? What strategy will you use in your marketing? So many questions, right? Well, the answer to all these questions is one i.e. Email Re-targeting.

Through this article, I will explain to you how you can enhance and give a boost to your sales to retain more customers via email re-targeting.

First, let me clear the concept of email re-targeting

So when a visitor visits your site without making a purchase, what do you do then? Of course, you retarget that visitor and provide information about your products to convert him into your potential customer. This is exactly what email retargeting does.

Let’s face it- when a visitor leaves your site without taking any action (purchase) that visitor is usually counted as a bounce. With the help of an email re-targeting strategy, you get a second chance to convert this visitor into a lead.

Email Re-targeting can help eCommerce marketers in the following ways

  • Bring them lost or past customers again by making them aware of your brands and the offer you provide.
  • Enhance the organic search ranking by driving traffic to a particular page.
  • It helps in making the usual revenue.
  • It helps in driving offline actions by showing up ads that encourage users to visit your store again.

When can you use email re-targeting?

I am going to show some situations in which you can use email re-targeting to increase your sales. Let’s read them together:

  • When you see that you have a huge amount of shopping cart abandonment. Around 69% of shoppers abandon their carts. May be because they’re still comparing prices and not ready to buy.
  • When you seek the attention of people who already visited your site without taking any action (purchase).
  • When you want to promote your brands to people who have already downloaded your lead magnet.

These above are some of the reasons that enable you to use email retargeting strategy in your marketing. Let me tell you that email customers are more valuable as they bring 11% more revenue than others.

Some steps to effective email re-targeting

Follow the given steps to effectively run your email retargeting campaign:

  • Gather customer data

First, try and gather your customers’ data. You can accumulate data via CRM solution so that you get to know who your customers are and what they do on your site. It will also help you make a note of those high-value pages are being visited more by visitors. You can see the Fizzle tutorial to identify the pages that people visit the more.

  • Split the Audience

After collecting the data, the second step is to segment your audience depending on their profile to choose different onsite retargeting or email retargeting options. For example, you will see the different options for your existing customers who haven’t been around for a while and the potential first-time buyers having an item in their cart.

  • Set campaign goals

Now, it’s time to figure out what you want to achieve from this re-targeting campaign. Your goals should be like this:

Focus on converting casual browsers into your subscribers to win them over with content; give the new customers an interactive buying experience to gain more revenue; try to put your lead magnet in front of people who might induce to buy.

  • Produce Optins and Emails

To create optins, you must take the help of a guide to building your first optin then you’ll be able to send emails to your visitors as well as customers. According to research, best emails are one that is personal with action-oriented subject lines. AdRoll suggests while running an email retargeting campaign send only three emails. Make your first email short and effective.

Wrap it up!

For any eCommerce marketer, email re-targeting is the crucial aspect or a powerful tool for boosting sales. However, you can use email re-targeting for many aspects such as collecting data to run more targeted ad campaigns on social media and get more insights into your customers. Email marketing is an effective way of increasing sales of your business. Let me also tell you that there are no cons of using email re-targeting, it will only get you more benefit. Now, go ahead and implement email marketing in your business strategy.  

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