Fail to generate sales lead? Here are top reasons why

The success mantra of any business is “generating high sales leads.”

More the sales, higher revenue you will generate in the business. Do you agree? Without a spec of doubt, the aim of every bootstrapper or established business is to get as high sales lead as possible right. This is quite obvious without sales; the growth of the business will be ceased. With customers, you get more sales leads.

Now we can say “no sale no gain.”

If you have been in business for so long and fail to generate sales lead, this article is going to be your worth read.  We know that without sales, it becomes quite hard to expand one’s business right. So, what could be the reasons of not getting sales leads? Read on to know below.

Top reasons behind the failure of sales lead generation

Below mentioned reasons I’m sure will help you identify what’s becoming a hurdle in your sales leads. So, read them below.

| Low performance website

One of the main reasons why ecommerce or digital marketers fail to generate sales lead is due to low website performance. Think of your website as a door to your online store. If your website doesn’t appear to be aesthetically beautiful, people will not even take a look at it. Here I would say your web presence depends heavily on web design. If you are not good at website design, hire an expert to increase your brand’s credibility and sales lead.

| Insufficient SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most integral part of an online business. Without having which, you can’t get visibility, traffic, ranking and traffic to the website. That’s the reason insufficient SEO can create a blooper to your business. Forget not, through SEO, you can get your site in front of your audience. So, I would say SEO is quite mandatory to maximize the user’s visibility and trust.

| Not having strong online presence

When you run online business, your purpose should be to make your brand presence as wide as possible. You’re not running brick and mortal store where people come to you in person, you’re running an online business and for that you need to build a strong online presence. Online presence could be another reason of not generating high sales leads. So, make sure to create a powerful online presence on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others you could think of.

| No high quality image

What catches the attention of audience? Obviously, images and visuals that you post on website. Visuals have the power to attract the attention of your audience. Unfortunately, many companies ignore this part and use low quality images. This downgrades the performance of your website and people don’t find attractive and beautiful. So, make sure to use high quality, aesthetically beautiful and revealing images on your website. This is how you reach to your goal.

| No proper research on market competition

Can you commence any work without conducting proper research on it?  Of course not. Being a businessman, if you do the same thing and don’t do proper research on market competition, you can’t survive in the business. What all sort of research you need to conduct? The research should be done on competitors, market demand, customer, targeted user base, and many more. Keeping this thing in mind, you can develop the best business model.

| Lower investment level

Investment is the most integral part of any business. To commence any business, you need some amount of investment to at least stand a foundation right. Lack of investment could lead to business failure for sure. Whether you run an ecommerce store or brick and mortal store, you have to make little investment to develop a reputable brand of the company in the market.

| No or lack of CTA

CTA stands for call to action button. I guess every digital marketer would be aware of this term right. Another reason of not getting high sales leads is not imbedding proper CTA in the website. Having no presence of CTA in your website will negatively impact your business. You have to provide a clear call to action so that they no need to go somewhere else. Some of the compelling call to action (CTA) includes:

  • – Get in touch
  • – Contact us
  • – Buy now
  • – Hurry up!
  • – Sign up
  • – Subscribe
  • – Join today!

And so on. You can search more compelling and powerful CTA buttons to add on in your website as per the product or service you sell.

| High shipping cost

Everyone escapes paying high shipping charges and your customers are not an exception. Even I avoid paying high shipping charges and sometimes cancel the deal. This could be another reason of not getting high or generate sales lead to your website. If you’re also doing the same thing which is charging high shipping prices from customers, you will likely lose sales leads in your online business. Stop doing right there.

Way forward

Every business runs by making sales. And sales can only be generated by customers. That means no customer, no sales, no revenue, and ultimately no business growth. In this article, you have already read abundance of reasons of not generating high sales leads. Now you can identify which reason is getting your business down. It’s better to find mistake and solve them rather than crying over spilt milk.  

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