Does content length really matter in SEO?

content length in SEO

We all have heard the adage ‘content is king’ but what kind of content ‘short or lengthy?’ Can you guess? Guys, this has become a debatable matter in the SEO industry. Why it is a debatable matter because today SEO experts stressed upon creating high-quality long-form content. Long content tends to fetch high traffic, earn high ranking, and boosts conversion rates of the site. Therefore, many SEO experts argue that longer content is better. Do you know how long content contributes to SEO?

To know more about content length for SEO, keep reading the article till the end. I’m sure by the end of this article, you will have a broad idea about how much lengthy content you should write.

Let’s get started.

Lengthy contents are beneficial for SEO, read below how?

#Lengthy content gets high rank on SERPs

Yes, it is true lengthy content tends to get a higher rank on Google’s SERPs than shorter content. Google likes to reward long forms of content with good search rankings. Google rank brain also rewards lengthy content. RankBrain is Google’s third most important ranking factor therefore it has a massive impact on search. It uses artificial intelligence to help Google understand what people mean when they type in a particular search query.

#Longer content tend to get more social shares

People always love reading content that is rich in information. And this is the reason they share the content amongst their friends, peers, relatives, and family. On the other hand, no one will love to share the content that doesn’t have much information and this is the reason they won’t share shorter content. According to the study, longer content received an average of 68.1% more engagement on Twitter and 22.6% more on Facebook.

#Quality backlinks increase with lengthy content

According to research, long-form content has a great probability of earning quality backlinks, which contribute significantly to improving search rankings. Google understands that users do not want to search for bits and pieces of information or knowledge from numerous pages. We all love to get information on a single page. Therefore, backlinks are generated when people link creators have the ability to link to your content. Long-form content receive more backlinks than the shorter one.

#Longer content leads to conversion

There is no doubt that longer content is good to get better conversion rates. Marketers have found that longer content converts better by approximately 45%. However, today the reality is when people find long content they usually don’t read. But the thing is longer content gives good impressions of expertise, credibility, and extensive knowledge on a topic. Most webmasters generally like to project-in depth expertise through long posts and landing pages. Therefore, lengthy content always projects the authority and boosts conversion rates.

#Longer content gets long-term SEO value

In the introduction of this article, I have told you that SEO is really beneficial for lengthy content. If you write lengthy content up to 1000 words, you will get long term SEO and advantages of it. Moreover, lengthy content, up to date, fresh and ever green content helps drive you more organic traffic to your website and change the rank of your site. Therefore, try to write lengthy content and add more relevant information and value to it. This way you create evergreen and SEO-friendly content.

#Longer content gets more click-through rates 

Yes, it is true that lengthy contents get more click-through rates. A high click-through rate is an indirect SEO benefit of long-form content. One more thing you need to know that click-through rates are only achieved when you write good meta text and meta description. Thereby, when you produce lengthy content then you also create meta tags with long-tail keywords.

The bottom line

I hope you understood this article well. I have mentioned all the relevant points hinting out the benefits of lengthy content for SEO. If you are producing short content then make sure you keep all these points in mind and start writing lengthy content. One thing keeps in mind that don’t write fancy stories just to increase the length of the content. Make your content authentic and informative.

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