Do you know about Google AdSense?

Google AdSense?

Get insights of the Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense?

It is an advertising placement service offered by Google the service is purposely built for website publishers who want to display text, video or image based advertisements on their website pages and earn money when the visitors coming to site view or click the ads.

In simple words advertisers pay to Google for each click on their advertisement takes place via the feature of Google Adwords. The Google is here like a middleman serving the interest of advertisers and site visitors.

Benefit of AdSense to publishers:

The Google AdSense allows webmasters to generate income from each page of their site. The user just need to get approval from Google for placing the ad code on their site once the Google grants you the approval.

The user can place ad codes in as many numbers of your sites complying Ad sense policies. But Google takes time to review your application and in case your application got rejected then identify the reason of rejection before applying again and see if these conditions were met in your site or not.

  • You haven’t installed any additional software because it is not necessary. Just place the ad code on your pages.
  • Don’t indulge in affiliate linking and multi-level referral marketing
  • You don’t need to purchase or sell something
  • The Google transfer payment directly into your bank account without need of any merchant account.
  • The Google payment system is highly reliable Google pays on monthly     basis.
  • The AdSense displays highly paid and relevant ads.
  • It is easy to customize the feel and appearance of different types of sites.

As compared to any other PPC advertising program Google AdSense is much better and trustworthy. The Google AdSense comes into existence in 2003. This means that more than a decade it is still the best advertising program which speaks for its quality.

What types of sites are compatible with Google AdSense?

The Google offers different types of facilities or solutions for advertising like AdSense, AdMOB and Double click. Among these AdSense is more popular because it is the program developed for small webmaster and publishers so that they can display advertisements on their content.

The user can use single AdSense account for the placing of advertisements on different types of sites such as content sites, search sites, forums, blogs etc.

For the better optimization AdSense offer varieties of Ad units customizable in different types and sizes. The AdSense also contain reporting tool from where user can monitor its site performance. 

When you finished with monitoring process place the high performing ads on the pages generates the high web traffic in your site to increase the revenue.

Different ways of placing ads on AdSense:

  • User can place ad on the Sidebar of the site
  • The user can place ads in-between the content
  • User can also free to place ad before and after the content.
  • The user can also place ads on archive pages.
  • Utilize the Google custom search box feature and place the ads on the search result pages.

Types of Advertisement:

The webmaster/publisher is free to get the ad code for different formats and we are going to enlist some basic types of ads in AdSense,

The content based advertisements are customizable in size, width and height to suit the requirements of publishers.

  • The Custom Size ads for publishers to create custom ads.
  • Another category of ads is Responsive ads highly suitable for mobiles and smartphones.
  • The content matching ads also called as Matched content ads display content recommendations.
  • The Native ads is for displaying ads in feeds and between articles .
  • The Like unit ads displays keyword blocks.
  • The Page level ads are especially built for mobile devices.

Some unpopular facts about AdSense:

  • •          The Google first introduced AdSense program with the name of ‘content targeting advertising‘. Today we called it AdSense which was not its real name in 2003.
  • •          The name AdSense originally owned by the competitor company known as applied semantic
  • •          The Google takeover the company and changed the name of its advertising program from content targeting advertising to AdSense.
  • •          According to Google in 2015 approximately 10billion dollar was paid to publishers worldwide.
  • •          In 2014 the Google has earned 13.6billion dollar from AdSense which is 22 percent of its total revenue 


Above mentioned data and information regarding Google AdSense will help you to get insights of the Advertising program offered by Google.