Best 7 practices you need to follow for 2021 digital marketing.

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2020 was a vicious year for everyone where the coronavirus pandemic badly hit the entire world. Marketing sector faced a major loss and the world’s economy scaled down drastically. Anyway, as we have ventured in 2021 year so it’s time to secure the present year by following some best practices of digital marketing. If you are into digital marketing sector then this article is for you. You may sometimes find it tedious to adapt changes with time to win the competition, right. But the truth is adapting changes only may not work for you. In fact, you must follow some practices to integrate it into your marketing strategy. Here you will learn about 7 best practices which you need to follow for 2021 digital marketing that will help you enhance and build your business.

Follow the best 7 digital marketing practices given below

1. Leverage video marketing 

Video marketing has been in practice since old times. With the advancement in technology, it has become more prominent and marketers have started levering it into advertisement practices. You may also be using video marketing but how productive it is how will you know? Video marketing is not just about making video for the sake of posting it on site, it is much more than that. As a marketer, you must make short, unique, informative, and engaging video that can easily target your audience. Once you’re done with making video, it’s time to post it on different channels like social media, websites, blogs, and many others. As per the survey, 8 out of 10 people purchase products after watching a video. So make sure you follow this practice in 2021.

2. Use of Omni channel marketing

The word omni stands for all and channel is common and you would know. So omni channel marketing is about marketing across multiple platforms. If you’re not getting quality leads then you must follow this practice as omni channel marketing will help you connect with people on multiple channels. Not only will you connect with people, but also produce a consistent voice and message for your brand. Using this marketing approach will help you create multiple touch point between you and your target audience. Research has found that users who engage with more than 3 platforms are more likely to repeat purchase.

3. The power of chatbots & conversational marketing

Are you aware of conversational marketing? It is a type of marketing which uses automated technology like artificial intelligence to connect with customers through chat and voice. And chatbots add glory in conversational marketing. It is quite impossible for a marketer to reply to hundreds of queries to their customers that why chatbots are used in place of them to manage this task. The interesting thing is that chtabots keep your business up and running 24/7giving you a direct connection to your customers. According to the study, it was estimated that chatbots are expected to cut business costs by about $8billion by 2022.

4. Make use of voice search

Like video marketing, voice search is also in demand. How voice search became prominent? With the launch of smartphones, you can say that the perception of doing marketing has changed. Now people don’t type on Google to search anything as the voice search has been in use since the advancement in technology. Voice assistant and smart speakers are continued to grow. In fact, voice search will hit sales at $40 billion by 2022. You must know that majority of people are having smartphone today and the number of voice searchers is also increasing each year. Undoubtedly, voice search will continue to rise in future. Make sure you leverage voice search feature in your marketing strategy as well. 

5. Use of personalization in marketing

Personalization is a marketing approach where you connect with customers on more personal level by informing them about your products and services. The truth is hardly marketers follow this practice. Study has found that more than 70% of consumers get frustrated with content if it doesn’t satisfy their needs. If consumers find that their experience is personalized, 50% of consumers will likely spend more. Make sure you improve the way you interact with your customers. You should know that companies that use personalization witness a significant growth in customer engagement get 20% more sales opportunities and 18x more revenue.

6. Focus on privacy marketing

Privacy and security are the two major terms that marketers must focus today. You know that consumers’ data is very confidential and no one wants the any third-party access or steal it. As a marketer, your responsibility is to concern about their privacy and secures their personal information by gaining their trust. Make sure all your content are relevant and personalized. Moreover, it is every important to give a social proof to flaunt off your trustworthiness. The more you focus on privacy of your customers, the more you will gain their trust.

7. Integrating social media marketing

Every digital marketing practice is incomplete without the integration of social media channels. You should know that social media marketing strategy is crucial for driving traffic to your site. It helps you build brand reputation, brand recognition, build community and brand loyalty of your business. As per the study, 72% of Instagram users have purchased a product on the app. Therefore, you shouldn’t neglect the power of social media in case. Make a great aura of your product on every social media channel.

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Final review

These were the best 7 digital marketing practices that you must follow and implement in your marketing strategy. Though you no need to implement every practice at once, take some time and implement them one by one. With these practices, you will surely be able to enhance the performance of your business in the market and get more recognition in the market. I hope the article was quite helpful for you.

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