Can Google ads alter your brand presence?

Google ads

The fact is- anyone can create a website or blog, but hardly people maintain it. The digital market is growing day by day. This is the reason; many marketers are touching the sky and growing their online business like a skyrocket. Moreover, the crucial aspect of digital marketing is advertising. In an online world, advertising becomes the source of earning for marketers. Therefore, many marketers try to advertise their products and services on the digital platform. Some of them take the help of Google ads also. Now I have been asked many times that does Google ad help in changing my business?

Well, Google ads does play a great role in altering the overall presence of your brand. How? Before I tell you how first have a look at the definition of Google ads below.

What is Google ads?

Google ad is an online platform for advertisements. It is a kind of marketplace where you as a marketer can purchase online ads. Google ads was launched back in 2000. Now it has grown exponentially over the last few years. This platform provides services that fall under the category of PPC or Pay-per-click. To understand the concept of Google ads, understanding the Google search engine results pages is necessary.

Moreover, Google ads allow marketers to promote themselves above organic search results. Also, marketers can bid on some specific keywords in an online auction.

Let’s move forward and know how Google ads can alter your brands online.

The most effective ways Google ads use to alter your brand

– Helps you become mobile-friendly

The very first point to look here is making a website mobile-friendly one. You can’t deny the fact that is the majority of people now search on mobile. In fact 55% of mobile conversions happen in one hour or less. Therefore, mobile plays a huge role in modern search. Google knows the importance of mobile influence on online search. This is the reason Google ads runs for both mobile and desktop search. You can set up your ads campaign to include call extensions. This feature will allow you to add a phone number to the ad to encourage users to call you.

– Target potential customers

You all want to target your past, current and new customers. Here Google ads is of benefit because it helps you target a large number of audience. I tell you how- during an online ad campaign, you can optimize your campaign to target a variety of online users. Furthermore, you can also select the type of audience you want to target. Once you select your target audience, you can promote it to the wider audience. Moreover, you can add bid modifiers to target more specific searchers. The modifier will adjust your ads based on location, time of day and even device.

– Helps you beat competitors

How Google ads help you beat your competitors? Are you thinking about this? Well, Google ad is literally a great advertising platform that can change the entire online presence of your brand. Basically, Google ads allow you to bid on a competitor’s brand name. It simply means your ads can appear above your competitor’s website when someone searches for your competitors. Therefore, it’s a good chance for you to beat your competitors via Google ads.

– Keep up with SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays an important role for any digital marketer. SEO helps you build visibility of a website, enhances the ranking, and fetches you plenty of traffic to your site. If you build links, optimize keyword searches, and guest posts, you will gradually move up search engine rank. Here Google ads give you key insights that can alter your SEO. Therefore you will understand what keywords are the most effective and what you should pursue. Moreover, your ad campaign may not last forever but your valuable information or content can.

Closing thoughts

Guys, Google ads is one of the best advertising platforms in the digital world.  Google ad is so effective that marketers can make an average $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend. In this article, I have mentioned all the relevant and significant tips for you so that you can learn how Google ads can alter your business after coronavirus pandemic.

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