Boost your conversion with Behavioral re-targeting

Behavioral re-targeting

How many of you are using behavioral re-targeting to improve the quality of your leads and get more sales? If not, then you’re really missing a trick. Every marketer wants to increase his sales no matter how and what. Increment in sales is what fetches more profit and more revenue to the marketers, for this they try out many different ways and different strategies. Enhancing your conversion rates is very important as it ultimately enhance the overall growth of your business.

According to marketing research, on average, around 97% of website visitors leave the site without taking any action and once they’re gone, there’s no chance of them coming back again. So, how can you get the attention of those visitors before they leave your site? And how you can improve conversion for better lead generation? This is the situation where you feel the need for behavioral re-targeting. Puzzling what behavioral re-targeting is? This article will help you to understand the concept of behavioral targeting and how you can boost your conversion rates with the help of this.

So, let’s get started.

What behavioral re-targeting is? 

Behavioral re-targeting is a kind of marketing strategy that divides audiences or people on the basis of their behaviors rather than just demographics parameters. In this, you already have information about your customers so that later on you can market to your visitors based on their behavior. You can use this type of method to create a very specific user profile based on behavioral data that have been previously collected by you. you use this data to effectively market to your audience directly on your site.

In addition, this type of marketing is a critical and powerful method that is used to generate more revenue. It is a target based strategy that offers customized solutions for buyers. This type of technique has literally changed the performance of modern sales.

What data you need for behavioral re-targeting? 

As you know that behavioral re-targeting campaigns are data-driven. So, the data that are required to do behavioral re-targeting are:

  • Your organizations’ web analytics tools
  • Controlled and Collected Cookies
  • Collected IP addresses
  • Customers’ browsing history
  • The geographic location of customers
  • Types of devices used by customers
  • Purchase history
  • Transactional and visit data

Use strategies to boost your conversion by behavioral re-targeting

Following are some of the behavioral re-targeting ways that you can use to enhance your conversion rates:

  • Collect and Analyze Data- Your first task is to collect and analyze the data of your customers. You can gather data from the range of sources such as tracking pixels, third-party cookies, DSP platforms, etc. The more data you collect, the more accurate your targeting will be. This collected data is used to analyze and build user segments.
  • Division- After collecting the data, you divide the users into different segments by their behaviors (for instance, people who travel a lot, people who like bikes, people who keep returning the same product or category, etc.)
  • Application of Data- You can implement ad campaigns to match a specific user segment. It makes the advertising more relevant for specific groups of users and increases the conversion rates and responses. Behavioral targeting can be enriched with data pulled from registered users’ profiles.

Benefits of behavioral re-targeting 

There are many benefits of using behavioral retargeting such as:

  • It allows marketers to create very detailed profiles and display ads relevant to each user segment accordingly.
  • It benefits visitors as much as it benefits the site displaying the ads.
  • By implementing behavior retargeting, you get a high return on investment (ROI) in the form of high click-through rates and better conversion rates.
  • 70% of visitors are more likely to convert into your potential customers.
  • You get 147% of higher conversion rates when amalgamated with prospecting.

Wrapping up

There are many ways to increase your sales leads but in this article, I have explained to you the most effective method which can surely boost your sales. You just need to understand your target audience first then only you will be able to segment them on the basis of their behavior. This is the ultimate way to re-target your audience by impregnating behavior re-targeting in your marketing strategy.

So, folks, now you know how to improve and enhance sales lead generation with behavior re-targeting. So what are you waiting for? Just give it a shot. Get in touch with us for more more updates.