Are you ready for hyper-personalization?


Hyper-personalization might be a new term for you folks. There are many people out there who are looking for new and innovative ways to improve their marketing strategy. Companies use email marketing, content evergreen, SEO, social media for customer’s loyalty, and visitor browsing, etc.

However, these above are the basic marketing strategies that every third person uses in his marketing strategy. Has your head ever shacked by a little voice making you wonder if you can do more? Or how else can you improve your customer experience?

So how about setting up a hyper-personalization strategy or a campaign?

What exactly hyper-personalization is? 

Let me start by defining personalization, it is a procedure of incorporating personal and transactional customer information such as the name, purchasing behavior, address, and workplace, etc. into the communication between a customer and a business.

Whereas hyper-personalization takes one step further. It uses behavioral and real-time customer data to generate highly contextual and relevant communication with the customers. In other words, Hyper-personalization is a marketing technique when basic information about leads such as age, location, job titles, salary, etc. as well as additional information like purchase history, browsing behavior, likes/dislikes on social media, etc. are examined to create a personalized message.

Some tips to help you create your hyper-personalized strategy

You need to follow given tips on hyper-personalization to make your marketing more effective. Here they are

-Always try to learn your target audience

There are various ways to learn about your audience such as knowing about their interests and preferences through their social media profiles. The better you know your audience, the better you can show them your personal attitude. It will help you create your marketing funnel through a customer journey map.

-Never ignore lead scoring

Never try to ignore the lead scoring of your customer as it will save your customer care team time and their efforts and point them in the right direction.

-Use messages to interact with your customers

Messages are a powerful tool for customer retention. You can set-up in-app push notification. If you don’t know then the companies who use messengers instead of sending out emails actually saw a 10x increase in opens.

-Make Use of customer journey analytics

Customer data is basically a new type of SaaS platform that plays a critical role in hyper-personalization services by giving a unified viewpoint about the customers. It has become more popular among digital marketers as it enhances the business understanding of their target audience and helps examine hyper-personalization journeys.

-Identify deeper pattern in data

By deep pattern in data, we mean that deep learning in technology about customers not only helps you know their interaction history but also allows you to consider their talent. Deep learning is a better technique in understanding what customers want.

-Never ignore negative reviews

Negative reviews are as important as a positive one. They give you a hint of what your customers wait for and what they want. This is how you know where you can develop.


Hyper-personalization is a good marketing strategy. It requires a lot more resources than regular online marketing campaigns. Many brands take advantage of a deep understanding of customers and their shopping habits.  This is a time to invest in technology which allows you to access the customers’ data and information so that you can target them and meet their demands. Hyper-personalization is the trend that you can’t afford to ignore. So, incorporating hyper-personalization in marketing is what adds glory to your marketing business.

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