Are you aware of Google Broad Core Algorithm Updates?

Google Broad Core Algorithm Updates

Every year, we are witnessed to changes that are made by Google to search. It’s a very well-known fact that Google makes hundreds of changes to improve or to better the user’s experience. It is reported that in 2018, Google made 3234 updates (almost 9 per day) however; most of these changes are minor in nature. But with starting of the 2019 year, Google has made major Algorithmic updates (such as panda and penguin) that help users in the search result in significant ways.

Google Algorithm updates in itself a challenge for marketers. As every year we get some exiting Google news related to algorithm updates, product updates, and console updates. There are various Google Algorithms like Penguin, Panda, Pigeon, Fred, Hummingbird, etc. Each algorithm has some specific flows and issues in the Google Algorithm. But this article will focus on the most important update which is released on 3rd June 2019 named as ‘The June 2019 Core Update.’

What is Google Broad Core Algorithm update is all about?

Google Broad Core Algorithm is all about providing a better experience to users. It is somewhat related to the SEO techniques which we generally use and the search results on the search engines. Most search algorithm updates are minor but all the major updates have a specific purpose. For example- Penguin focused on link spam, Pigeon focused on local search spam, and Panda focused on content spam.

Furthermore, the ‘core’ updates will affect the main organic search algorithm, which determines how the result looks and who ranks or stands where. The updates focus on building better websites rather than more backlinks. But the main question arises here is that how it is going to impact SEO.

Now let’s see the updates that Google has included in Broad Core Algorithm.

  • According to this update, Google is going to include the page speed as a ranking factor.
  • The update will fulfill the users search quality by providing them better and faster results. And it’s confirmed that there is no tool available to optimize your website updates.
  • Company has also suggested some resources to optimize website page speed such as Chrome User Experience Report, Lighthouse, and Page Speed Insight. Through these resources, users can analyze SEO performance.
  • Users can improve page speed by avoiding redirects, use of HTML 5makes easy for mobile pages to load faster, and optimize images before loading it on website.
  • It confirms that sites that lost rankings did not lose ranking because of poor quality.
  • The updates make sure to improve the content of the site.


The main message from Google through this update is that sites shouldn’t ‘Go Viral’ or ‘Over Optimize’ their SEO but rather concentrate on improving the user’s experience. And to make your site in good condition and improve its ranking try to provide users with rich experience and it can only happen through your valuable and qualitative contents. Google made it clear that many sites have been affected.

If you want to make good strategy according to updates, you can easily save your website /blog from getting any negative impact on them.