After hiding likes what will be the next step of social media for 2020!

Social media predictions for 2020

We all are addicted to social media as it has become the most significant part of our lives. As now social media has also become a part of digital marketing marketers do incorporate it into their marketing strategy. However, I want to make you aware of the changes and updation that social media has already taken and will take in the future or coming the year 2020.  So guys read this article till the end to know about social media giant Facebook.

Let’s see the step taken by social media regarding privacy

Privacy is what we all concern about the most. Not only us but social media giant Facebook also concern about the privacy and security of its users. Recently, social media took a step related to the privacy issue of its users. The privacy step is to hide likes to ensure the site authentically and that users focus on other relevant content rather than chasing likes. This step has been taken by Instagram as well as Facebook in seven countries. They just want to share the quality content to their users. However, it will no longer restrict followers to follow their favorite content or post on this app. It can be considered as a good step by social media which will enhance the users’ experience.

According to Facebook Australia’s directory of police Mia Garlick, the change was based on wellbeing research and feedback from mental health professionals that the number of likes can cause social comparison.

Predictable steps of social media in 2020

As we all know that social media is also a part of the digital marketing filed. Some changes we can also see in social media related to digital marketing and how it will impact it. Let’s read them below.

– Social media as a customer service platform

After looking at the privacy step taken by social media, it’s time to provide services to social media users. In the digital age, customer service is the most vital aspect of any marketer. Apps like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube can provide much better services to users.

– The expectation of including payment mode

Every person is to bring digitized and socialize. We all use digital money to make transactions, right? Have you heard about the payment option in WhatsApp? Actually very people are aware of this feature. However, I hope that social media will take the step to include this feature on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

– Integration of live games

Games are a major part of children’s lives, but we all like to play games on our mobile phones, right? The integration of live games into social media apps will enhance the users’ experience. However, social media has not incorporated any game in any of its platforms but we hope that in 2020 it might include games too.

– The demise of 24hours stories

We all are familiar with the stories which we put on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat only for one day i.e. 24 hours. Social media might remove this feature too from these platforms; we never know what may happen or what steps social media take in the future.

– More visuals

We may also see some more visuals in social media. According to research, 50% of searches will be done through graphics or visuals by 2020. As we know that the rise of visuals content is becoming more popular day by day and users are getting more familiar with social media. So, people can add more photos, images, and stories in their social media account with advanced features in the future.

– Reduction in sharing information

Basically, this feature that I’m talking about is a reduction in sharing information or data with a third-party. Actually these third party people misuse your data and resell them. This would be the best step in privacy concerns if social media takes it in the future.

Way Forward

Guys, we all like new updates and features in every field. Some updates bring a positive impact on us and some bring negative. So, if we look at the step taken by social media in privacy matter i.e. hiding likes of people is a good step that we should appreciate it.

Our privacy matters a lot and concerning this made social media to take the step. Above I have discussed some future predictions that social media might take. However, I’m not sure about what steps social media can take in 2020. If you know any prediction or step of social media then let us know. For more updates and interesting articles get in touch with us.