7 things to consider before using marketing automation

marketing automation

Marketing automation is a buzzword in the digital marketing industry. And it is becoming one of the latest marketing trends of the last few years. Businesses of all sizes can use a marketing automation tool to stay competitive and growing the market. Why I am saying so because marketing automation is a great way to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and increase conversions in your marketing programs. This tool has the ability to simplify lead nurturing and provide real-time data on the health of your campaigns and lead database.

Sounds great, right! However, there are certain things which you need to know about marketing automation before you jump in.

Below I am going to enlist 7 important things you need to consider before using marketing automation. So let’s start.

7 things before using marketing automation

1. First examine whether the marketing automation is right fit for you or not

So the first thing you need to consider before using marketing automation is the deep understanding of marketing automation itself. You are not the only marketer who is doing marketing automation rather plenty of marketers are using this tool. Therefore, you have to get a good understanding of what marketing automation can do for your company. Your expectations from it, your desires, outcomes, etc. So try and gain knowledge about marketing automation.

2. Make sure to start with the clean database

As a digital marketer, you can use marketing automation for both your prospects and existing customers. The tool allows you to upload a database of existing customers into the system but before you upload any file into the system, you must ensure that all the data is complete and accurate. Starting with inaccurate data might affect the performance of your business. Therefore, it is your duty to have a clear eye on the data you going to use for marketing automation.

3. Divide your prospects and customers

I would say this is the biggest benefit of using marketing automation as you can vary what you send and when you send on the basis of pre-defined criteria. And this is done based on segmentation. Some marketers get frustrated because they don’t do segmentation in advance and face problems while automating the business. Therefore, you have to take time to segment your customers and understand them and their persona to make your marketing automation project a success.

4. Produce high quality content

Content is king – this is a very old and famous adage in the marketing world. Understand one thing that marketing automation is not a tool for content rather it is a tool that helps you engage with customers and generating quality leads. And customers will only get attracted if you produce quality content for your project. To make a successful marketing automation camping, you have to focus on producing quality-driven, authentic and unique content.

5. Define your primary target

The primary target here means your target audience for whom you are marketing products and services. To target your audience, you have to communicate in a relevant way with your target audience; you must know who exactly your audience is. Try and collect information about their needs, preferences, interest, choices and personas. But above all, you must know their buyer’s journey. All this information will allow you to create automation.

6. Create rules for scoring your customers and prospects

After knowing about your target audience, you would surely know how to give a score to customers and prospects. If you don’t know then I will tell you here. Suppose, a person visits your site and downloads an article about the survey, will you consider it as a hot lead? No. And another person visits your site downloads 3 articles, requests your free-e-book about surveys and then click on the contact page, you might like to label it as hot lead, right. Therefore, you need to know the difference and act accordingly.

7. Do a soft launch and test the system

Marketing automation is about launching a program so once you are done with all the important works, the final thing you need to perform is doing a test to check the performance of the system. The soft launch will help you test your marketing automation to see what kind of results you might get. You can test the system’s capabilities, reactions and scoring systems. Try and make sure everything is working the same way you wanted.

The bottom line

Marketing automation is a great way to give new heights to your digital marketing business and achieve relevant results. You can think of it as a constant process of trial and error. Let me tell you that the backbone of marketing automation is content so try to produce as relevant, unique and authentic content as possible. But you also have to follow the tips which I have discussed in this article.

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