5 Instagram tools for Social Media marketing

Get insight of Instagram tools for Social Media Marketing

Instagram tools for digital marketing

What is Instagram?

It is a visual content sharing application owned by Facebook incorporation when it was first introduced back in 2010 it was exclusive for only IOS. The Android compatible version released in 2012. With this app user can share photos, videos and also edit them.

Due to this visual sharing networking property it is become major social media marketing platform. Even though we use Instagram on daily hardly aware about its all tools and functions. They can do more than we think. So therefore, today we are going to enlist 5 major Instagram tools that is helpful in social media marketing.

1. Later

The most loved tool of marketers and advertisers it has the features which provide advertisers facility to properly organize their marketing activities. Later tool provide management features like Chrome extension that helps advertiser to search and get the information regarding past advertising campaigns. Through this advertisers can take idea from those past campaigns. Free plan of this tool can manage approximately 30 images per month more than that you have to purchase premier plan.

2. Canva

It is an editing and designing tool of Instagram where user can edit and design its images and videos. The best advantage of this tool is its compatibility feature this tool is supported and compatible with almost all the smart phone brands. User can easily design social media images on this tool without the assistance and experts of designing the field.  By using canvas user can also resolve pixel, aspect ratio and resolution and pixel width complexities.

3. Juicer

The curating tool it automatically set ups the filters, organize the post and analyze your social media engagement. It is compatible with almost all the social media platforms whether it is Facebook, twitter and so on. This tool is preferred by advertisers and marketers because it can flood the internet traffic at your website or homepage within just seconds. Since it is a curating tool user can also curate/edit the content according to its needs and demands.

4. Auto hash

The tool for hash tags lovers users who like to use hash tags in their posts this tool is for them. This tool algorithm is design with the purpose of providing tips and suggestions that what type of hash tags is suit with particular image. Yes it scans your images than suggest the suitable hash tag. When you launch this tool it will scan your image analyzes it and then suggests the suitable hash tag based on image. Once you activate the GPS (Global positioning system) option than it will add the location to your chosen Hash tag.

Using right hash tag can put your content in front of those users who are searching for keywords related to your business or brand. Kindly use those hostages carefully.

5. Short stack

You can also called it the “event organizing tool” just like a before the launch of final product brands used to give teasers. Similarly this tool is used by the advertisers and campaigners with the help of this tool user can organize online contests and promote their products or items. But the event organizing service is free to only up to 100 entries means only 100 participants can enter in one contest. For above 100 participants users need to purchase the advanced plan.


Above mentioned Instagram tools are chosen from wide list and are the most commonly digital marketing professionals. But by understanding above mentioned points it can also be said that true potential of Instagram tools yet to be utilized.

Honestly Instagram has underutilized tool. Currently it has potential to surpass Facebook. Our Final suggestion for advertisers and marketers that they have to use these tools to get better result.  Other effective tools are also there you can explore them.

It might be possible you do not have to bear high cost of investment in advertising and promotion if you effectively able to utilize this tool.