5 Blog posting rules you must have to follow

Blog Posting Rules

Follow these 5 rules for becoming a successful blogger.

Blogging is fun to enhance creativity and communicate with global audience. In some cases people write in regional languages with a certain objective in mind.

Blogging is all about expressing yourself doesn’t matter what type of blog you choose to write. It is may be on Science, sports, tech and so on. There are no specific barriers, rules or regulations to choose the subject.

But there are certain rules which you must have to follow. This will make your blog more popular and appealing. Yes you can write in any way you want but don’t create a mess and that’s why many novice bloggers are not able to perform better after writing quality post? Even if they are writing quality content their blog is not performing better. The reason is due to unprofessionalism and unorganized content on their blog post.

Therefore, today we are going to enlist 5 blog posting rules which will definitely enhance your writing.

1. Be punctual and provide regular content

The important rule must be followed by everyone any person who are engaged in blogging. Set your pace and decide yourself how much blog you can write in a month or in week. There are two types of strategies which blogger follow, quantity and quality.

But readers prefer quality over quantity so don’t try to match your competitors speed or pace. If your competitor posting 3 blogs per week that doesn’t means you should also post 3 blogs.

Even if you post one blog per week user will come to your blog.  Users are nowadays intelligent enough to clearly differentiate between genuine and rogue blogger.

They are become habitual of time and schedule of blog post so adhere to it as long as possible.

For example, if you are writing one blog per week on Wednesday then always post every new blog on Wednesday only in this way you can earn loyal visitors and followers on your blog.

Providing regular content means that you need to post content on regular basis at the time and date which is decided by you.

2. Write an eye catching title for your post

This is the rule which you have heard of many times but eye catchy title depends upon the type/category of blog you are writing. For example: eye catchy title differ in science and tech blogs, it differs for sports blog and so on.

So try to analyze your competitor’s blog how and what kind of title they are putting on their post. You will get the idea regarding how to write effective title for blog post.

3. Use of images and videos

Well we do not have to tell the importance of images in a blog by any chance if user doesn’t able to interpret the message from your blog post. But if you use effective images matching with the written content then users will definitely get the understanding of your message.

That’s why they say picture is worth than 1000 words use this principle in your blog writings to make your blog more impressive.

4. Get in sync with your language style

This is essential rule for becoming a successful blogger. most of the time it was noticed that bloggers try to copy the trend or language, words, slangs etc. without knowing the importance of it.

This rule has deeper impact in future. So first decide what type of blog you are writing, for what type of audience according to that you should use the words, slangs or language style.

For example if you are writing technical blog then you can use words like technocrats, cyborg and so on.

Similarly if you are writing entertainment/movie blog then you can use words like Glamorous, show stopper etc.

But don’t do the mismatch like using movie niche words in technical blog and vice versa.

5. Try to add element of surprise

This is the rule which keep your audience and visitors on your blog engaged. From long period you are writing specific blog like professional. But in between sometimes if you put blog post which is differ from your niche, then it will keep your target audience refreshed and they don’t get bored. This is good trick to relief the user from the problem of “Information overload.” 

For example: You are running technical blog and from long time continuously providing information about developments in tech sector. But in between if you write one post regarding some festival and on special event and then relate it with technology this will refresh your target audience and make them more engaged with your blog.


On a concluding note we can say that above mentioned 5 rules are wisely chosen from long list and the most essential to produce quality blog post. If you follow these 5 rules then it can surely make your blog popular in less time than you expect.